Satellite transmission Portugal opened 8 television channel 1080P

For some developing countries, often still watching TV signal simulation, digital TVpopularization degree is not high, can watch HD 720P or 1080P Full HD TV signal, is becoming a luxury. Today, we will pay close attention to European countries, Portugal the latest digital TV signal news. Recently, Portugal Telecom announced its set, video, voice andInternet services MEO sub brand will provide 1080P Full HD TV signal to the people, for the first time in Portugal also is worth paying attention.

Portugal Telecom said, in recent years, can see the full 1080P HD TV signal has become urgent need for many people, not too happy with the existing TV signal definition. From now on, the Portuguese people, will see as many as 8 new 1080P Full HD TV channel, in the content of the program, including Food channel, navigation channels, exquisite life channeletc..

In the program transmission, to ensure it had enough clarity. Portugal Telecom programtransmission via satellite way, the use of the Hispasat company to provide geo synchronous satellites. Again before, has been related to the test, to ensure that the program broadcastclearly and fluently. It is understood, 8 1080P this provides full HD channel, will cover at least 1000000 Portuguese TV audience.

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