4K live Jiancheng trend sports events to promote the development of TV

TV technology has been developing continuously, the most noteworthy is the resolution for the. From traditional 480P to 720P, to 1080P and 4K, are being improved resolution. We do not know about no, the development of television technology, in fact, and some sports eventsare also have all kinds of connections with relationship. Recently, India well-known televisionoperator Star India said, the just concluded India Cricket World Cup competition, successfullyadopted 4K resolution for the pilot, and achieved complete success. For the people of India,cricket can be said to be the country ball, there are a large number of loyal audience. India as a well-known television operator Star India, which belongs to Fawkes’s famous twenty-first Century. The company in the just concluded 2015 India Cricket World Cup, the use of 4K UltraHD resolution was broadcast live. A part of the user is invited, watched the live 4K. But now for the India audience, 4K Ultra HD TV prices are still too high, it is still a rich man could afford.

We’ll have a look the domestic sporting events live, there is no any operator with 4K Ultra HD resolution live sporting events. In fact, 4K is not difficult to find a dedicated camera, the main reason, or by the commercial factors, live high cost. We also hope that this situation can get some changes in 2015, let readers home 4K TV can give full play to the role of.

The daily average of 3 hours of TV viewing time reduce the British people

British radio audience survey BARB is a UK local authority, responsible for statistical TV andbroadcasting program watching and listening survey work. Recently, the Bureau of investigation released a group of British public figures watching TV long. This set of figures show, the British people to watch TV when the length is declining, worthy of our attention. Just past 2014, British residents daily TV watching time is approximately 3 hours 44 minutes and 30 seconds, the statistics compared to before 2013, viewing time reduced by 10 minutes and 30 seconds, down to 4.7%. In the television audience fell at the same time, the survey also showed that, using the tablet computer and intelligent mobile phone equipment, watch onlinevideo users appeared 2013 growth of 17%. In view of the average British family television audience of the survey results of statistics, which when long time watching TV, watch livetelevision programs, including the use of seven days back to see two watch the way, are included in the statistical range.

In addition, the survey also published some play about TV ads. Television cannot do withoutadvertising revenue, not only in China is so, and so abroad. Investigation of hours, in 2014,the average daily number of viewers watching the television advertisement is about 45. The user groups in the aspects of television viewing, commercial television viewing the user toyoung viewers are, at the age of 16 -34 years old, accounted for 74.8%. Overall, the traditional cable TV users decline is inevitable, so the TV operators should also change and novelty, change the strategy to retain about the loss of the user group.

Satellite transmission Portugal opened 8 television channel 1080P

For some developing countries, often still watching TV signal simulation, digital TVpopularization degree is not high, can watch HD 720P or 1080P Full HD TV signal, is becoming a luxury. Today, we will pay close attention to European countries, Portugal the latest digital TV signal news. Recently, Portugal Telecom announced its set, video, voice andInternet services MEO sub brand will provide 1080P Full HD TV signal to the people, for the first time in Portugal also is worth paying attention.

Portugal Telecom said, in recent years, can see the full 1080P HD TV signal has become urgent need for many people, not too happy with the existing TV signal definition. From now on, the Portuguese people, will see as many as 8 new 1080P Full HD TV channel, in the content of the program, including Food channel, navigation channels, exquisite life channeletc..

In the program transmission, to ensure it had enough clarity. Portugal Telecom programtransmission via satellite way, the use of the Hispasat company to provide geo synchronous satellites. Again before, has been related to the test, to ensure that the program broadcastclearly and fluently. It is understood, 8 1080P this provides full HD channel, will cover at least 1000000 Portuguese TV audience.