What to do with stripes or wavy lines on Videocon VAD22FH-NF TV screen

Stripes or wavy lines on Videocon VAD22FH-NF TV screen is caused by interference. Many things can be sources of such problem. It can take various forms. In this article we will tell you what to do with stripes or wavy lines on Videocon VAD22FH-NF TV screen.

Step 1: make sure that your television is connected correctly. If the problem still exist

Step 2: electrical devices can be the source of TV interference. Different electrical equipment will have different interference. For example, the interference caused by electrical appliance is different from that of computers.

Step 3: if there is no electrical appliance that affects your Videocon VAD22FH-NF but the problem still exists, then you should check to see if there is any electrical cable that may affect your TV. Power grid that transmits power to your neighborhood can often be the source of such interference.

Step 4: if there is no such cables that will affect your Videocon VAD22FH-NF or if you have get rid of such interference, then you should check to see if there is other type of interference source. Check to see if you have poor signal reception. If so, you can do the following to solve the problem: check and repair antenna and the antenna lead wire; install a more directional antenna or you can install a signal booster.

Step 5: unusual atmospheric conditions will allow signals from a distant transmitter to cause another interference which is caused interference of simultaneous signals. In terms of this kind interference, you should wait for the bad condition to change. If such condition is a recurrent problem, then you should install a directional antenna to allow better reception of signals.

Step 6: if you see the picture of your Videocon VAD22FH-NF is superimposed, then the television signal may be reflected by some obstacles like hills or your antenna is in poor condition. In terms of this problem, you should just simply rotate the antenna.

Step 7: if you are a cable subscriber, then your VHF channels 2 to 13 and channels 17 to 22 may also caused by radio transmitter. You may need to contact related operator.

Step 8: if you can heard some unexpected voices or sounds, then electronic circuit, usually an amplifier of your TV may be affected by unwanted external radio signals. Proper filters and shielding can be used to isolate it and solve the problem.

If all these procedures still cannot solve the problem, then you should have your Videocon VAD22FH-NF checked by professionals.

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