4K live Jiancheng trend sports events to promote the development of TV

TV technology has been developing continuously, the most noteworthy is the resolution for the. From traditional 480P to 720P, to 1080P and 4K, are being improved resolution. We do not know about no, the development of television technology, in fact, and some sports eventsare also have all kinds of connections with relationship. Recently, India well-known televisionoperator Star India said, the just concluded India Cricket World Cup competition, successfullyadopted 4K resolution for the pilot, and achieved complete success. For the people of India,cricket can be said to be the country ball, there are a large number of loyal audience. India as a well-known television operator Star India, which belongs to Fawkes’s famous twenty-first Century. The company in the just concluded 2015 India Cricket World Cup, the use of 4K UltraHD resolution was broadcast live. A part of the user is invited, watched the live 4K. But now for the India audience, 4K Ultra HD TV prices are still too high, it is still a rich man could afford.

We’ll have a look the domestic sporting events live, there is no any operator with 4K Ultra HD resolution live sporting events. In fact, 4K is not difficult to find a dedicated camera, the main reason, or by the commercial factors, live high cost. We also hope that this situation can get some changes in 2015, let readers home 4K TV can give full play to the role of.

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